Friday, January 17, 2014

The Attack on the Biology of Humanity

This video on i found extremely interesting and it answered a lot of these questions i had. Mainly about transgenders. I've watched a few videos on YouTube about transgenders and it confused me that 3 year old boys wanted to be girls.

But there are chemicals everywhere that attack your natural hormones and alters them. This video mainly talks about men and how feminine the men are becoming because of the mutation of food and how it lowers testosterone levels and increases estrogen levels. Just check out the young folks walking around nowadays. Justin Biebers everywhere.

One thing you got to know about me is that i research a lot of things about The One World Order, the Illuminati, and conspiracies.
Call be a conspiracy theorist or a Truther but all i do is analyze the facts and think critically. I choose to be informed rather than stick my head in the sand and pretend that the Governments truly care about people.

InfoWars is an excellent source to find out more about what's happening in the world.

The reason why i'm so passionate about this even though most of it is happening in America is because America is so powerful and has so much influence on the rest of the world and so what happens to America will eventually impact the rest of the world.

Our health is extremely important ... that's a given but stay away from all GMO, BPA and eat healthy. Stay away from fast food and oily crap that's full of artificial colourants/flavourants and a massive amount of excess sugar. You're body needs good healthy fuel not crap that just drags it down.

I don't eat fast food (last time i had it was about a year ago) and i try my best to stay away from all artificial food. Once you start eating clean and natural and you try and eat crap again you feel the difference. The reason why i don't eat most sugary sweets is because when i do i feel lethargic and i can't concentrate, i just want to sleep. Does your body really need that?

Honour the body God has given you.