Friday, May 23, 2014

New Piercing//Dreadlock Update

About 3 weeks ago i got my eyebrow pierced. It's so awesome i love it so much.

Why did i get it?

 'Cause i like it and i wanted it.

 It wasn't actually painful at all, seriously, i hardly felt it. My nose ring hurt more and it didn't even sting, just a slight pressure feeling and that was it. I was so incredibly nervous before i got it done that i was contemplating not getting it at all. I got it done horizontally instead of the popular vertical angle 'cause the horizontal looks more feminine to me. The vertical looks more masculine and punky and i didn't want that. I like looking different and unique but at the same time i still want to look like a normal human being and not some tacky, cheap weirdo.
My mom loves it too.

I don't have a lot of piercings. Just an eyebrow, nose and double ear lobe. I'm not a huge fan of my ear piercings. They just seen so dull so in the future i might get different ones done. In more rare, different places. Like a rook or tragus.

Anyway, now for my dreadlocks. I've had them for about 3 months now and they're forming quite nicely. My hair's quite thin (i don't know if naturally or if it's from the bleaching i used to do) so i do add a few clip in pieces to add more thickness. I hate the look of thin dreads. 

I don't put too many beads in. I don't like having a lot of colourful beads in my hair so i opt for the more neutral colours. I don't buy any special dreadlock beads 'cause they can be pricey so i buy beads from bead shops and then i sometimes take the beads off of some of my bracelets, make the hole bigger with a knife and then slide it on. Cool huh?

Some people judge me because of my appearance. I'm not 'set-apart' enough looking or i'm not very feminine because i don't wear skirts all the time and i just happen to like wearing a bit of makeup. I know who i am. I spent 4 years trying to be some one that i'm not. I was into the long skirts, no makeup, headcovering stage and it's great for some people. It's not a commandment by YHVH to dress a certain way. Modesty is important, not for guys but for yourselves. To respect yourself and show the world that you are different. 
God made me this way. He made me the tomboy/bohemian person that i am who likes to look different to everyone else. I don't have be accepted by anyone for God to accept me. Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. He knows my heart. He knows how much i want to be His warrior and to please Him. He knows how much i love His Word. And that's enough.
It's not about measuring up to other people's standards.

So hate me, love me. 

I'm me.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Moving Again!

So, at the end of this month we'll be moving again. Things are at crunch time right now as we still don't have a deposit down on a house yet and we practically have a week left to get everything sorted.
The past few weeks my mom and i sat down and have been searching for homes and out of the whole of Joburg only 3 homes were available when we needed it and had the right amount of rooms and space.

Today we went looking at the homes. We started off with one that was very nice inside but was in a not so kosher area. We arrived earlier than the estate agent so i stepped out of the car to see what the house from the outside looked like. It looked a little creepy, lol. The walls painted red with the roof all dark and birds sitting on the roof. Ever since i was little i always imagined haunted houses with birds perched on the roofs. Walking inside was even more creepy. The kitchen was very nicely done, all sunny and white but walk into the other room and everything goes dark. Most of the house was decorated with dark wood and even the stairs leading to the upper part of the house was dark and creaky. It was cold and echoey. It was also pretty big and we wouldn't have the furniture to fill it all so i can just imagine at night with the wind howling (we wouldn't have enough curtains to cover all the windows) and floors creaking ...... nooooooo. Even my mom was a little freaked out. I was just chuckling towards the end 'cause my mom and i were thinking of how my older, yes OLDER, brother would cope with living in a house like this. He plays spooky, scary video games and i've had a few good times giving him frights, intentional and unintentional. One night he opened his door just as i was about to knock so i had my fist in the air and when he saw me in the dark room he freaked out, swore and stumbled onto his bed. I couldn't stop laughing after that. You know that laughter when you struggle to breath? Yeah, lol. I needed that.
So, obviously, we weren't too keen on that house.

Onto the next one.

The second house was in a complex ... very Jewish area which i like 'cause Jewish areas always seem safe and clean. The Realtor was all friendly with us 'cause as we all know, Jews are extra friendly to fellow Jews and even though we aren't Jewish, he thought we were due to my mom's Hebrew name, Shoshannah. We all loved that house. We just know that that one is 'the one'. We tried to see it sooner but just were never able to and when the Realtor said he had 8 other people interested, we kinda gave up hope. But my mom's heart was really set on that house so she prayed that if those 8 people aren't interested then she'll know it's the house that God wants us to be in. And low and behold, 8 people saw it and 8 people didn't want it.
I loved that house due to the double story design (i've always wanted to live in a double story house) and the huge windows letting the wonderful sun in. The rooms were a nice size too, the master bedroom had a huge walk in closet and balcony, pretty awesome. It's also a few blocks from the King David Shul.

The 3rd house was also in a very Jewish, boomed off area. Nice house but very very cold due to the tiles that are in Who does that? What's so cozy about tiles in the bedrooms? Ugh.
So it was a cross for that one too.

It seems like the townhouse is the one for us. I'm super excited to move to a different area, different surroundings, different people, different malls. Different.

We'll probably stay in this house 6 months to a year and then after that we'll have to see. I'm just praying that God will draw me closer to Him as i'm still trying to deal with a lot of mental issues and depression. But i know one day this will all disappear. God will give me what i need in His timing. I just need to keep renewing my mind.

I wanted to do a video for my YT channel and i had one recorded but then our internet went down and when i watched my video over i realized that i didn't say everything that i wanted to. This next week will probably be busy and i don't know when i'll be able to upload another video. It might be a few weeks as we'll have to get the internet set up in our new house and i don't know how long that will take.

I hope everyone has a great day and a great Shavuot soon.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Counting the Omer

*Sorry for the bad quality. I will hopefully be getting a better camera soon.

Hope you enjoy!