Saturday, March 29, 2014

No Regrets

This is my philosophy in life.
I look back in my life and i can honestly say that i don't regret anything in my life.
Before, i would regret some things because ... well, they were stupid mistakes and i should regret them because, maybe i would be a different person today. One that's not so damaged.

But now i think, no. Those decisions don't define who i am today. They've taught me lessons, they've made me stronger, and they've made me who i am today.
And through my mistakes, i am hopefully able to help other people in the future who have made the same mistakes.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

To Be a Warrior

I started watching 300 the other night. I switched it off as i didn't look at the age restriction before i decided to slip it into the DVD machine. But the beginning was quite interesting. I love watching movies with action and grit and where the characters are strong and overcome hardships such as Gladiator.

My prayer to God is that He will make me into His warrior. But sometimes i just expect Him to pour that power into me without any work on my side. One day i have my brain working and i know that in order to be strong i have to go through hardships. But the next day something unexpected happens, everyone starts freaking out and stressing and i'm like "craaaap, what is happening? i can't deal with this anymore"! Forgetting all about my desire and the tests I have to go through to be a warrior.

Anyway, back to 300. The beginning shows what i boy has to go through in ancient Sparta to become a strong man and a warrior. It doesn't just happen overnight. You have to deal with hardships and trials in order to be a strong person mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
If you pray for God to do something such as give you more patience, He will give you the opportunities to be more patient. It doesn't just happen magically.

I can see how i've become a stronger woman. I speak up a lot more and since i've been raising my voice i don't have such emotional turmoil anymore. A lot of people don't like it when a person speaks up. I've been on the receiving end of some pretty harsh words because i don't let people treat me like crap. I feel stronger.

But there's still a long way to go.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Hair Journey

My hair has been through quite a lot these past few years. I don't regret experimenting with it. I quite enjoy
it. I was looking through pictures on my computer and it's interesting to see what different colours and styles my hair has been through.

This is my natural hair colour. Ashy brown. I was about 14 in this picture.

This was the first time i changed my hair colour. I went to the hairdresser for a semi-permanent chocolate brown. I so badly wanted dark hair and voila. I loved it. I was 15.

Then i did the most stupid thing ever and that was listening to my older brother for advice on my hair. He loves short hair on women so i chopped off my looooong hair to my shoulders. I bitterly regret ever doing that ... but, oh well. This was on my 16th birthday and those are my grandparents.

This picture i laugh at every time i look at it. I can't believe i wore that outfit, lol. But here i went for a perm because i wanted my natural curly hair back. Perms don't give the same look though as you can clearly see, lol. I was 16.

Then i got highlights put in. Light hair isn't the best thing on me but i liked it back then. I just hated my short hair.

I went back to brown when we moved. This was when i was 17 and got my nose pierced. I don't have my stud in anymore but i'm thinking of getting it done again. This was a messy home job as you can see my roots are lighter than my ends, lol. 

Then i went red. The deep red looked better than ...

... the lighter red. Ugh ... this is just sad. What did i do to my eyebrows? Eish, lol.
BUT, oh, look at that adorable baby boy right there. He's truly scrumptious. 

Buuuuuut ... after a year of having red hair i wanted a change so i wanted to try and get a blonde ombre look going. Didn't go quite according to plan ....

Now i'm 18 years old and am back to dark brown. It suits me better than all the other colours me thinks.

And as i've written in my previous blog post i put some dreadlocks in my hair. It took 4 days 'cause i added extensions but i really really love my hair now and i'm now 99.9% sure i won't be messing with my colour again, lol. 

I got some beads in too which is awesome. I love my hair now!


I might do a post on my dreadlocks some time in the future as i know there are some popular misconceptions about them.